TackleLow products were designed to help Teach The Tackle to the next generation of Rugby players.

As a youth and mini rugby coach and a parent of two mini rugby players, I noticed that children often tend to forget what they have been taught in terms of tackling, when introducing them into controlled contact practice games and hence increasing the chances of injury to themselves or their opponent.

TackleLow products are designed to help children progress and develop their tackling technique, firstly using the unique freestanding TackleLow Tackle Bags and then progressing onto the TackleLow Training Bibs. This process promotes Safety and Technique, reducing the chances of HIGH or DANGEROUS tackle’s.


The TackleLow Tackle Bags are Freestanding and Size Specific, with a clearly defined target area "AT WAIST HEIGHT" "for each age group, U-6’s, U-8’s, U-10’s and U-12’s. Our freestanding tackle bags eliminates any distractions for the participants, (no need for someone to hold upright), and allows the coach to observe more clearly from the side. These unique tackle bags allow coaches to walk and talk through the tackling technique, from low body position in approach, sighting the target area, the wrapping of arms and keeping their heads to the side and also helps children develop their confidence while having a lot of fun.

The TackleLow Training Bibs are also unique, these too incorporate a clearly defined target area similar to the tackle bags, which focuses the child to the intended target or tackling area. This promotes continuity and continuation from tackle bag to training bib, in other words a SAFE TACKLING PROCESS thus reducing the chances of injury for both the attacker and defender.

TackleLow Products